Master Chen's Online Lesson on Sep 3, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Master Chen demonstrated the foundation exercise Moving-Step Shake the pole, which is the positive and negative circle. He held a real pole to begin with to show the idea behind the foundation exercise. He locked his fron hand, which was holding the pole as a pivot. The rear hand moved the pole.
  1. Front arm does a negative circle
  2. Rear arm does a positive circle.
  3. Lock the front hand (at first just hold something not moving to secure it)
  4. Pull the rear foot backwards against the front hand to create length. At the end the hand is pulled by this stretch.
  5. On top of it, make the front kua movement very big (exaggerate it at first if we need to). This also pulls against the front hand.
  6. As the body go backwards, add a downard stretch at the front shoulder.
  7. Given all these movements, the length between the front hand and the rear kua remains constant once it is made longer from the initial posture. We may see it shorter only because the orientation of the body relative to the camera viewpoint, but it is actually not shorter.
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