Master Chen's Online Lesson on August 27, 2020 - Kelvin Ho

Six Sealing Four Closing
  1. Hands don't move. Create a line between the front hand and rear foot.
  2. The action must be coming out of dantian.
  3. Front shoulder must disappear. Shoulder must not go forward (in the same direction of the hand).
  4. The front kua needs to connect with the front elbow. The front kua pushes the elbow to squeeze the non-moving hand out.
  5. Kua must go up through the chest to the top of the head as a vertical rod.
  6. Front shoulder must go down to squeeze to the elbow, and then to the hand.
  7. Kua up shoulder down to create the opposites along the sides of the veritical rod.
  8. 3 main directions of splits to be trained:
    1. Twisting the Towel - front and back
    2. Fetch Water - Up and down
    3. Six Sealing Four Closing - Sideways in and out
  9. Afternoon session exercises:
    1. Lock upper arm, then stretch hand down
    2. Lock the hand, stretch along the line between the front shoulder and the hand. Shoulder must go back more than the hand going forward. Shoulder must eventually go down to the rear foot.