Dixian 底线 Bottom Line

Dixian,底线,bottom line,  is the most basic of the Practical Method. It refers to things that cannot be questioned, discussed or researched. They are things that must be accepted in whole.
It is similar to standards, principles and rules.

The difference is that standards (principles and rules) are based on their correctness and can be changed or modified, Dixian cannot. Dixian is used not because of its correctness or logic, it is used because it is assumed at the beginning.

Standards are used because they can be proven. Dixian is used because it is accepted.

Some examples of Dixian in Practical Method:
  1. The name of the system is called Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, or Practical Method.
  2. The principle of Practical Method is yin yang split.
  3. The concept of Practical Methods is indirect power.
  4. The basic movement in Practical Method is: In with elbow, no hand; Out with hand, no elbow.

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