Dixian 底线 Bottom Line

Dixian 底线 (Bottom line) - Master Chen Zhonghua Zoom Lesson 2 on Augest 14, 2020

- We use the term dixian instead of "bottom line," so that we can learn what Master Chen means for dixian. This is re-calibration.

- Don't question a dixian

- Whenever he says not to ask that question, that's a dixian.

- 3 types of dixian
  • Principle
  • Concept
    • Suspended Head
  • Action
    • In with elbow
    • Out with hand
    • 13 basic moves in Taiji is the dixian (8 techniques (upper body) + 5 directions (bottom body))
    • 9 steps in Circle. The 9th step is to settle. He only teaches 3 steps because otherwise we can't do the form.
- Knowledge has no order. We sequence it to give it meaning.