2020 Wulian University Entrance Preparation Classes

Qingshan School 2017.08.28

Rizhao Qingshan School is the only University Entrance Exam Preparation School in the city of Rizhao with official permission from the Rizhao Municipal Education Commission. The mandate of the school is Safety of the Students and Quality of Education. The school aims at catering to the needs of the parents and acceptance of the society. The school charter of the school is to foster students special interest and abilities for university entrance.
Since the opening of the school three years ago, the students' achievements for university entrance has been improving steadily. The rate of university worthiness is ranked number one in Rizhao. This is received positive feedback from relevant governing agencies. During the 2019 exam, there are 103 students who took the exams.  74 qualified for universities, 21 to colleges, with a total post-secondary education entrance of 95 people. Among the students, one is from Fujian Province, when he returned to his hometown to participate at the examm, his testing score improved 133, and was accepted into an Chinese equivalent of an ivy league school. He send a special letter of appreciation to own school.

During the 2020 first round and second round of exams, students achieved high scores in general admission, art schools and sport schools.

In 2020, we continue to accept students from within the province for university entrance preparation.With our previous experience, we have huge advantages in our system. We will continue with Chinese language, Maths, and English classes. The elective course include Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History and Geography.

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