Online Classes using video conferencing technology

John Upshaw, Kelvin Ho, Pawel Muller
We held a meeting regarding the organization of online classes using video conferencing technology.

As we understand, Master Chen would like different instructors to hold regular online classes to make times available for people in different timezones with no charge at this time.

Some of us are already teaching regularly using such technology in a small group or one-on-one fashion. They work well in terms of being to correct students' postures through foundations and forms.

Some of the ideas regarding format of the classes:
1. Exercise with the instructor leading (more like a practice)
2. Show a foundation or move with instructors, and allow Q & A
3. Small group/one-on-one correction class. This takes more time to round robin among the students.

James Strider also already has set up some classes. Brian Chung as well.

Initially, we will keep the classes short and focused. Instructors will pick a time of their convenience, and we will post a schedule with the topic, date and time, name of the instructor.

We will invite more people to join the group and use this post for further discussions.