Taiji Push Hands Workshop in Toronto on Dec. 8, 2019

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On Dec. 8, 2019, a Practical Method Taiji Push Hands Workshop was held in Toronto. We had 10 participants, and 4 of them were new to Practical Method. Bert Desjardins drove 4.5 hours from Windsor to Toronto to attended this workshop. We also had the pleasure of having Master Liu Xuwei, who teaches Chen Style Taijiquan Small Frame, in attendance. We covered foundations:
  1. Twisting the Towel - Don't move the hand, and only use the foot the squeeze out the hand.
  2. Fetch Water - Don't move anything, only focus on opening the kua
  3. Six Sealing Four Closing - Lock the front hand and rear shoulder, push the front shoulder into the line formed by the front hand and rear shoulder.
  4. Positive Circle - In with elbow, turn with waist, out with hand. No other body part should be moving except the specific leader.
  5. Negative Circle - In with elbow, drop the hand on the outside, out with hand.
We worked on the drill of getting in and stretching the hand without pushing the opponent, and an example of negative circle application. We also covered the identifying the non-moving dot, and using the opponent's line of power as the axis.  We also did free push hands.

IMG_5977aPeter Li and James Guo
IMG_5981Bert Desjardins
IMG_5982Master Liu Xuwei, Chairman of Canadian Chen Style Taijiquan Association who teaches Chen Style Taijiquan Small Frame
IMG_5989aJames Guo
IMG_5992aVish Nekkanti