What's your impression of Master Chen's ability

We are collecting people's impressions of Master Chen's ability in the format of a short and concise description. Is there anything that shocks you when you met him for the first time? Please add your own impression as a comment below. The following are a few examples:

Wall - Kelvin Ho

Spear that pokes at you - Kelvin Ho

Body is different from a normal person - Kelvin Ho

Able to move individual body part - Kelvin Ho  

Went behind me and pull me from the back - Kelvin Ho

Causing the opponent not to be able to power up - Kelvin Ho

Tying the opponent up on contact (as if my body is not mine) - Kelvin Ho

A lot of pressure was put on me - Kelvin Ho

I can't get away - Kelvin Ho

Special sound out of me - Kelvin Ho

I am airborne - Kelvin Ho

Came out of nowhere - Kelvin Ho

Energy Gun - Kelvin Ho

Piercing - Levi Sowers

Hook - Edward Liew

Walk through the opponent - Edward Liew

Helpless - Edward Liew

Ball - Hugo Ramiro

Boulder - Adam Montoya

Always There - Trever Yelic

Slippery - Erwin Ramthun

Nothing except ground - Josh Landau

Don't know what happened - Liu Yang and Huang Song

Elastic - Jeff Clevenger

Bam - Bruce Robinson

Very Strange - John Upshaw

Never experienced it before  - Howard Jee