Beauty of Taijiquan

More and more I find that the beauty of the Taijiquan lies in its simplicity. 大道至简 da dao zhi jian - the overarching theory is the simpliest. Every action is expected to follow the one principle of Separation of Yin and Yang. Initially when we learn the taijiquan, we may find that a lot of rules and restrictions are given to us. Practical Method provides a systematic approach to learn taijiquan. Over time with every practice we do, the often seeming conflicts are resolved, and the goal of achieving the one principle becomes much clearer. The keywords that I most often repeat during practice and teaching are the following, they are important rules and methods that will eventually lead us to comply with separation of yin and yang:
  1. In with elbow
  2. Out with hand
  3. Don't Move/Fix/Lock
  4. Fixed Point
  5. Stretch
  6. Open
  7. Match
  8. Indirect Power
  9. Triangle
  10. Single Lock/On a track
  11. Double Lock
  12. Take out space/No gap
  13. Add one
  14. Don't let go
  15. No retreat
  16. Adjust
  17. Peng
  18. Rotation
  19. Don't push/Don't fight
  20. No protusion
  21. No indentation
  22. No feeling