Training in Ottawa

My family was visiting Ottawa for the weekend of Oct 21-22, 2017. James Tam, Ming Tam and I got together to train early on Sunday morning. It was a great training session, and we worked on the following:

1) Stretching and how to progressively connect the hand to the rear foot
2) Half horse stance: how to fill the front kua, how to do one knee up and one knee down
3) Don't move the hand in twisting the towel
4) No reset in the waist in Positive Circle
5) 1-2-3 of Negative Circle
6) Bring incoming force to the rear foot, and then add one with another body part, e.g. the hand.
7) Open the shoulder with rubber cord
8) Open the kua with rubber cord
9) No power fluctuations in the form by maintaining the stretches all the time
10) Every push is a pull
11) Find the opponent's centre and go to the other side
12) Triangle, how to make use of that concept in an action
13) How to increase the length of a line