Kelvin Ho Yilu in Toronto on Nov. 6, 2016

On Oct. 23 , 2016, I reach 20,000 yilus. From 19,000 yilus to 20,000 yilus, I have noticed the following:

  1. I am moving less of my hands, and using the rotation on the joints to propel the movements. This allows me to engage my waist more.
  2. The triangle formed by the two kuas and dantien is becoming more prominent during the form. I think that this helps the engagement of the core in all actions.
  3. I am able to locate my students' centres faster during demos, but not fast enough during push hands.
  4. During push hands, I need to get my opponent to commit to his actions, then I find the lines more solid and maintainable.
  5. My stance when doing the form is now lower than before. This seems to allow me to stretch out the kuas more. However, I also notice I sweat a lot more than before doing just a couple of yilus, and I need to take a break.  I am only doing 5 yilus a day right now, and I already feel very tired at night.