Welcome to the Daqingshan Taijiquan Training Centre

I was born with a weak constitution and relied on martial art training for my health recovery. Later on I met Grandmaster Hong Junsheng who transmitted Practical Method to me. Over dozens of years I repeatedly practiced it and benefited from it. I did not dare to take it as my own and vowed to pass it on. Another dozen years made me realize that I did not know enough to be a master. I therefore went to study from Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang by devoting another dozen years to learning. Again, I gained a bit more knowledge and ability in taijiquan. When I was young I believed that I was smart. Approaching the half mark in my life I realized that I was not. Taijiquan is not made for the average. It is not for smart people; slow people; light-hearted people; nor stubborn people. It is designed for those who are persistent, and focused. One must let go and be enlightened. Daqingshan Mountain is pretty, picturesque, tranquil, and deep. It is a clear piece of land in crowded China. One can practice and meditate in between land and clouds. I chose this bit of special soil to start my teaching, to make friends with the like minded and to entertain myself. When the art is not perfect, one can continue to learn. When one is not enlightened he can seek. The rock of Daqingshan, might be jade.