First Practical Method workshop in Yishui, China

沂水15-2On the invitation of Mr. Lai Qingwen, two instructors from Daqingshan, Chen Xu and Li Xiaohui, went to Yishui, Shandong province to teach Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method as taught by Master Chen Zhonghua. They will be in Yishui from January 30, to February 3, 2015.
Mr. Lai Qingwen started learning the practical method in 2014. He was on Daqingshan several times and was Master Chen Zhonghua's Linyi workshop. He had started introducing the practical method to some taiji people in Yishui.

沂水15-15The content of this workshop is foundations and first 13 moves of Yilu. Both Chen Xu and Li Xiaohui are experienced instructors of the Daqingshan International Taijiquan Training Center.

During the workshop, they also taught publicly on the city square in the mornings. This caused a lot of curiosity among the people of Yishui. Some local taiji masters decided to challenge the two instructors from Daqingshan.


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