Travel Advice

  1. Power supply: China uses 220 V, not 11o V like in North America. Check your appliances.
  2. Power adapter: China uses a plug that looks like this  /  \. You will need an adapter to use your appliance even if it is 220 V. This can be purchased in Beijing. Daqingshan can also supply you with a power bar strip.
  3. There will be linen and towels in the hotel rooms on Daqingshan.
  4. It is advised that you bring your own shampoo and soap if you are particular about these. Otherwise Daqingshan supplies them.
  5. There is one battery powered portable ghetto blaster/CD player on Daqingshan. If you want to find a place outside of the hotel (without power outlets) to sit and chat, you are welcome to take it with you. Just ask.
  6. Bring your own mosquito repellents and sun screen with you. There were no mosquitoes on Daqingshan in the past but with more visitors there could be now or in the future.
  7. There is high speed internet connection in every room. There is wireless only in certain spots. Bring your own wireless router if you have a need for it personally.
  8. If you are a light sleeper, it would be a good idea to pack ear plugs with you. You are sharing a room! You may also pay extra to have your own room.
  9. There is no Facebook or Youtube connection in China. You can use a proxy service, which slows you down.