Check List for Full Time Taiji Courses on Daqingshan

    1. Is full payment made? Full payment must be made two months before your arrival on Daqingshan.
    2. Tickets, passport, visa, and some cash in Chinese Renminbi. You can get Renminbi at any bank. You only need a couple of hundred yuan in Renminbi. You can have more exchanged in China at a better rate.
      In case you cannot get any, you can exchange some at the airport in China. Change more in a bank later for better exchange rate
    1. Travel insurance. (personal option)
    2. Immunization. (personal option)11
    3. Bring 10 copies of your passport page with your photo and personal data. This will save you time when registering at hotels, etc.
    4. Optional: please bring reading books that can be left for the library on Daqingshan. Books of any kind will be fine.
    5. Optional: please bring two bottles of your local liquor for Daqingshan. If you are also part of a tour, this will be considered gratuity for the tour guides. Otherwise, you will be reimbursed for this. Please make sure you take the receipt with you in any case.