Every move must be part of a positive or negative circle.

By following this principle of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, our taiji actions will be different from normal human movements. We therefore, no longer "move" (Don't move!). We become the other "Kind".
Switching to a different mode of operation is important in the learning of taijiquan, without which one simply acts as if doing taiji.  Something fundamental has to change for taiji to occur in a person. In the case of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method, a machine-like activity based on the mechanics of a lever must take over the human aspect of actions.

When the body is switched to the new lever based mechanical model, it will lose a lot of the original human capabilities while gaining a lot of new abilities. The new abilities include the ability to be highly coordinated and manipulated. A new system of movement will be utilized. It will be possible to separate movement from non-movements. Concepts such as yin yang separation, don't move, become a possibility and even reality.

Using the positive circle, negative circle, or parts of, is the only method that will cause this to happen. The following are four pictures indicating a three-count positive circle.

正圈1 正圈2 正圈4 正圈7