Ferry Yunianto discipleship application

Ferry Yunianto <>
Dec 17 (1 day ago)
to czh

Dear Master Chen Zhong Hua,
I’m sorry before since I’m not good in words or talking, but what I have is I’m willing to learn the practical method taiji GM Hong Jun Sheng  lineage very deeply. And hope I can be your disciple so I’m in the correct path to go deeper in study of this taiji style. I like this style because it is very unique and logic at the forms and applications compare to other taiji. But the problem is in Indonesia don’t have a good teacher like you to teach the style.

And hope in the future can spread this good taiji also through all of Indonesian people, so they can get the benefit for health, martial arts, and Chinese culture.

I wish can go to the mountain also, but if get the opportunity and time from my office.

Meanwhile I’ll try to finish learn the Yi Lu forms through Mat and study from the dvd’s.  and may be hope you can help to correct me in the next Singapore seminar.


So this is my true words come from my heart, and if there is any wrong, sorry for it.


Thank you for your kindly attention and hope can learn and meet you again in the future.


Warm regards from Jakarta,


Ferry Yunianto