Aaron Robert Bartholomew Application

Master Chen:

Please consider my application for consideration for discipleship.

I have been studying Chen Style Taiji Practical Method with Richard Johnson since 2006.
I have committed to continue teaching Chen Style Taiji Practical Method in the Bentonville, Arkansas region as Richard transitions to Auburn, Alabama.  I make a firm commitment to learn all that I can of Chen Style Taiji Practical Method and then transmit the same tradition to the next generation.  I bring my ability and experience in programming, and the ability to speak, read and write Brazilian Portuguese.

My constraints are that I am first a disciple of Jesus Christ, and second that I am a husband and father of a family.  While those commitments would come before Chen Style Taiji Practical Method, those are the only priorities that would supersede my dedication to Chen Style Taiji Practical Method.

Thank you for your consideration.

Aaron Robert Bartholomew