Bartholomew Recommendation


I have looked on the web site and am missing how to formally make this recommendation. I thought there were more detailed guidelines, but I haven’t found them.
It with great delight and full confidence and endorsement that I recommend Aaron Bartholomew to be considered for inclusion as one of your tudi.

Aaron has practiced stick fighting and ground fighting systems prior to coming to Taijiquan. Despite this, he has been able to leave behind his old teachings and habits and embrace the lessons of Taijiquan. Because of his prior instruction, he understands the amount of devotion and practice required to learn a system like Taijiquan. He exemplifies the concept of following the physical practices first and allowing the understanding to come later. My confidence in him is so strong that I am handing over my Bentonville classes to him.

His only hesitation has been whether or not his commitment to work and family with interfere with his ability to regularly study with you. Aaron is a computer programmer for Wal-mart. His wife has a degree in engineering. He has two young sons, one or both of which display symptoms of Asperger’s syndrome. Because of this, they have been slow to mature. Aaron’s wife depends on his support and his relief when he comes home from work. In spite of these demands, he has been able to practice daily and attend classes. With my leaving Arkansas and your not coming here, he will have limited opportunities to attend workshops, and those workshops he attends will be at a great sacrifice on his part and his wife’s. They understand this need and are willing to make this sacrifice.

I have questioned Aaron regarding his motivations for learning Taijiquan. His responses indicate that he recognizes the value and uniqueness of Taijiquan. He desires to help preserve it and pass it along. As a martial artist, he recognizes its high level skills and desires to learn and preserve those.

I don’t really know how to proceed from here. Here is his e-mail address. Aaron Bartholomew If you have further instructions for me, please let me know.