Toronto Workshop Sep 20-23, 2012

Toronto Chen Style Taijiquan Practical MethodChen Style Taijiquan Practical Method Toronto
Instructor:   Master Chen Zhonghua
Date:Sep 20 - 23, 2012
Time:9 am to 5 pm
  1. 1041 McNicoll Ave., Toronto, ON M1W 2L8 (Thursday, Friday, and Sunday - Indoor shoes are required)
  2. Rouge Woods Community Centre
    110 Shirley Dr., Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1Y9
Topics:Theory, foundations, yilu (first routine), and push hands
Fee:$300 for 4 days, $240 for 3 days, $160 for 2 days, $100 for 1 day, $100/hr for private lesson.
For more information and registration, please contact:
Kelvin Ho
Toronto Facebook Group: