Codl Resume

Resume on Discipleship of Master Chen Zhonghua

My name is Pavel Codl, I was born in Czech republic. Since my 11 I was practicing martial arts. I practiced Karate for more then 10 years, then my path went to other martial arts styles like Aikido, Ninjustu, Shaolin gong-fu to the endpoint - Taijiquan. After reading many books about, I found Taijiquan as profound and one of the most developed martial arts. I started to study this art very seriously.

I learned from many masters. But later on I realized, that I can't found any teacher, who would be able to teach Taijiquan as a complex. Most of the masters taught in a way of no practice. Without teaching application of techniques, even without trying to make Taijiquan practical.

As a person with practical background I was really missing it. But then, in 2005 I attempt competition of Taijiquan in Singapore. There I saw for the first heritage of Grand-master Hong Junsheng, one of his student was demonstrating there Yilu. I was impressed and immediately contacted him. He explain to me the origin of his style. That was my first contact with Practical method of Grand-master Hong Junsheng.

Later on in 2007 I visited Shandong province, I met there many disciples of Grand-master, they were all very kind and open. Some of them very old, but still moving in a better way than I was able to. Most important thing for me was lack of "qi talking" and plenty practical thing, very well explained and shown on my own body. As for teacher I was appointed to Master Chen Zhonghua as an international standard bearer of the style.

First meeting with Master Chen Zhonghua In 2008 I went to Holland to attend his workshop in De Glind town. Despite the fact, that Master taught there Hunyuan system I decided to go. From the first moment I liked him. Everything he explained verbally, immediately proved practically. I learned so much things in such a short period, that I got dizzy.

I still remember the most significant moment of the workshop for me. We were practicing some application, Master attacked me with a technique and I was suppose to defend myself with other technique. I intentionally withdraw more then I was suppose, so Master at that distance cold not hit me. I expected him to stop and explain to me what was wrong on my withdrawal, as it was usual to the other teachers I met before Practical Method. Instead of that, Master continued, without hesitation forward and hit me with the same technique. For me that was a proof, that he has fighting ability. My opinion is that you can not learn martial art properly from someone, who has no fighting ability. Teaching of Master Chen Zhonghua The other very important thing is the ability of teaching. By that time I was not aware of it so much, but later on I understood, that Master has a big virtue of methodic teaching. His methodology is unique among all of the masters I ever met before. He can in a great way connect practical things with chinese daoist philosophy.

Chinese philosophy is sometimes so hard to understand for me as I'm westerner. Since Master explained me many thing, not really what is written or said, but how approach to the chinese philosophy in connection with Taijiquan. To have a key from door-lock is better then knowing how the lock is working without having the key. Discipleship From written above it is clear what Master Chen Zhonghua means for me. Under his guidance I made a much bigger progress within 3 years then I made within 7 years before. I applied Master Chen Zhonghua to became his disciple. I'm very grateful and honored that he accepted me as his disciple. I will do my best to fulfill commitment.