Practical Method in Italy

9:00 am start. I managed to get a coffee before class. We were in the main floor common room again. This time we were also joined by Daniel and two ladies. Daniel went to the Victoria Taiji Traditions Camp with Master Bon and Massimo last Oct. The two ladies came to dinner with me last year I was in Italy but were not at the workshop. Together, these people are the main forces of Chen Style Taijiquan Practical Method in Italy.Lunch in the main dining facility of the resort. We had seafood, mainly several kinds of prawns and calamari salad. Of course the Italians must have wine. I had water. Over lunch Master Bon raised the issue of discipleship. He had been in Chinese martial arts for many years and had been to China numerous times. He felt that in his heart he really wanted to be part of the Practical Method system. There is a very close connection with him and he decided that this connection to the Practical Method system should be through me. Of course I am honoured to be considered a link for him to the system. That's what we are about. We learn a system, become good at it and part of it and then try to promote it by linking it to others.

I had known his since last year and this is the third workshop with him already. He is so committed to the Practical Method system that after the Taiji Traditions Camp he already taught over 60 students most of the yilu form in preparation for this workshop. Time and again I see the solid commitment he displayed to the promotion of the system.

I expressed that in my heart I had already accepted him as a disciple. It is only a matter of time and a matter of ceremony to consolidate the relationship. Then it was decided that a ceremony will be help Sunday after the workshop but before dinner as some will leave immediately after the workshop. Preparations are on the way. Massimo will take charge and will MC the event.

Afternoon was continuation of the private lesson. We picked up where we left in the morning. Went through the entire yilu form again and restarted from the beginning. Again it was corrections and applications and theory. We stopped at 6:30.

Pizza as promised. We had to drive to another town for pizza. As I have been repeatedly told, eating is more than the consumption of food here. It is an social event. The chef told me that after this meal, I wouldn't want pizza from anywhere else. I ordered Prosciutto and mushroom, thin crust. It was very good. I never had mushroom like that before. The pizza was a bit soggy by my standard.

Evening theory class till 10:30 pm. Mainly spent on the explanation of the theory of the three in Daoism thinking and in taiji.

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