Late night push hands in Toronto

The flight to Toronto today was plagued with problems. First there was the delay in departure. Then my video entertainment system did not work. Oh well, at least I had my computer so I was able to do some writing. There were no luggage space for our row. We were seated at the exit row. Strangely, the luggage compartment above was reserved for flight attendants only. To make things worse, we were not allowed to leave things underneath the seats as the exit row must be kept clear. I didn't let it bother me. Just hand the luggage to the stewardess and she will have to deal with it. She ended up putting mine in the business class cabin. No big deal. But not my neighbor. The lady next to me was furious. She kept her temper up throughout the flight. I was equally determined not to let her bother me.

When we landed, they could not open the door. Technicians were called in. Again, no big deal. No harm done. Just have to wait a bit longer.

Ki was always waiting for me at the door when I got out. It's good to have someone reliable working with you. No matter what the day was like, in the end, every will be fine. Supper was at a very nice Chinese restaurant. Of course I don't pay attention to that kind of stuff so I don't know the name. Walter came to join us. Steven arrived from Ottawa. He drove 5 hours to come assist me tomorrow. Beautiful supper and the typical fight for the bill at the end. I think Ki went to the "washroom" faster than Walter!

10:30 at night but it wouldn't be an evening without some taiji. Hong's legacy. So Ki, Steve and I pushed hands. We did two drills, worked on one principle and sweated a bit. 12:30 is actually 2:30 here in Toronto. Time to sleep. It will be good to see how much Steve and Ki remembers by tomorrow morning.