Types of Taijiquan fajin

In addition to all the different types of external energy, based on my experiences with grandmasters Hong Junsheng and Feng Zhiqiang, I believe the following four types of energy are typically taiji. Grandmaster Hong Junsheng often used the spinning wheel analogy.
  1. The energy of the outer surface of a wheel such as a tire. This is an issuing type of energy. It does not cause damages to the opponent, instead, it throws them out. Grandmaster Hong Junsheng used this type of energy in his demonstrations often.
  2. The energy of the inside rim of the wheel. This is a cai (yanking) and lie (splitting) energy. This energy can cause bones to break. It is like the food blender that people today use in their homes. In teaching, this type of energy can only be shown, not used.
  3. Drill head energy. Imagine a drill head mounted on the axis of a wheel. This energy penetrates. It should not be used with people.
  4. Explosive power. Like a tire that blows up, this energy is very destructive. Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang used this energy quite often. When he demonstrated it on me, he always put one palm on me and hit his own palm with the other hand. Never would never hit me directly with the hammering fist. It is assumed that this energy is quite destructive.
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