Heel out; toes back

Heel out:
  1. When moving out, the heel must make contact with the ground/floor. This is also called to shovel out, as if you push the shovel into the ground.
  2. When making this move, the knee must be straightened to be tight. You will feel uncomfortable doing this. This is part of the training. It won't make sense to you at this time.
  3. The front kua must rotate so that the shoveling out of the heel only pulls the whole leg out. It does not affect the torso.
  4. The front center line (from under the armpit to the front of the kua must form one vertical line) must push vertically down. It cannot bend forward from the top.
Toes back/in:
  1. There must be movement from the front knee.
  2. The kua must be locked so that the torso is not affected.
  3. The retreating action, or pull up action if rear foot is involved, can only apply to the big toe. The rest of the toes simply follow.