Notes for North America Practical Method Training Camp 2023 by Kelvin Ho

出一个 Something comes out of nothing

Twisting the towel:
one third from dantian to head
ine third from dantian to each foot

Move the dantian a little bit to kick start everything

Story: Grandma rubbering fibers to make a thread

Learn something to do it right, don't learn something to solve a problem

When you do it right, the problem will not be a problem.

Learn the principle and not the application.

The application is only used to illustrate the principle.

Pushing hands is linking and delinking.


Taiji is Static Action.

opening of the dang exercise
the inside of the leg pushes the knee out while the outside of the leg pulls the knee back in. The knee appears to not move but a lot is going on. I was holding shifu's lower calf and the inside of the thigh.

Arm Wrestling
Press the elbow onto the table to make the hand and elbow one piece.
Inside the arm you need to create a lever, with the pivot at the table.
Lock 3 points and rotate the arm together

Smoothess comes from years of grindng.

Move the base to catch yourself, like catchimg a ping pong ball.

Big and Small Six Sealing Four Closing
Look for the thing with front, power from the back

Mercedes Logo 3 prongs, two halved

Switching of the axes in Six Sealing Four Closing

Yao Dang Zhuan Hua

I need to open my lower back, stretch it verticaly.

Concave circle, incoming energy slides back out

Convex circle, incoming energy goes back to me to make me feel good.

Front hand/Back hand bie
Back hand never moves, finger changes to adapt the front hand position to create the bie.

Positive Circle
Turn with waist, lock the rear kua by sitting the rear kua into the rear heel, move the front kua
Out with hand, fill and lock the front kua, move the rear kua

润笔 means to buy the painting.

Lock the point little below the sternum and stretch the mingmun down

Six Seaing Four Closing
Lock my top, lower my bottom in the direction that is just off the opponent's fixed point

Fist protecting heart
Turn up the opponent's elbow and lock hist wrist with left hand, touch the point above the elbow tip, press down to create bie, stretch my back to create a downward force and rotate my right forearm on the opponent at the same time.

Moving Step Positive Circle
Break down the move such that the transitional move is not part of the forward or backward movement.

Take out the negative space
Take away the chair before someone sits down

Yilu Correction:
Butt Protrusion made my center of gravity in the chest and a little bit more forward, the rotation is in my chest instead of the waist.
Using fajin in yilu made the alignment deviate
Doing fajin in foundation is easier to keep alignment as the movement is simpler