Notes for Toronto Workshop July 2-3, 2011

To connect: Start aligning from hand, then elbow, shoulder, kua, knee, and foot. The source of the power is the ground, once connected, keep it connected. Any external movement should be coming from internal rotations.

Adding one is actually adding an extra dimension. Assuming you have 1 and 2 separately, if you can add 3 to 1 and 2, it means that you can also add 4 to 1 and 3, 5 to 1 and 4, 6 to 1 and 5, 7 to 1 and 6, etc.  By having 3, you can now have indefinite combinations.

Second half of positive circle:
  1. Don't turn your waist. Create a stretch between the bisep and chest muscle area. Empty the chest and raise the back.
  2. Lengthen the stick to support the hand so it is eventually connected to the rear foot.
My Yilu Corrections:
  1. Six Sealings Four Closings: My shoulder plate is rotating as one piece - wrong. After the elbow-in, I need to rotate my shoulder such that a stretch is created between the top of my head and the shoulder. With the hand-out, I need to keep my shoulder down, and just rotate it in place. It feels like a bit of a cramp right now, as the muscles around that joint right now is very tight.
  2. Flash the back: Stay on that centre line, stretch the opponent along that line with one side, and break it with the other side.
  3. Six Sealings Four Closings (Step back and forward): After the stretch is done (i.e. no slack), rotate the elbow. The opponent will feel as if there is a second force when he is pulled that way.
  4. Small Catching and Hitting: Make sure that we don't retreat the right elbow after The Fist of Covering the Hand.
  5. Single Whip: After the left foot is out, the front shoulder will be sticking out of the line formed between the right hand and the left foot. Change to the other diagonal line formed between the left shoulder and the right foot before extending the left hand out.
  6. Step back to Double Shake the Feet: Focus on the shoulder rotation of the two arms.
  7. Left/Right Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg: The hand needs to be right on top of the head while maintaining the tension between the hand and the elbow.
  8. The White Ape Presents Fruit: Make sure there is rotation with the stretch between the right hand and the left elbow.
  9. Step Back to Mount the Tiger: Make sure the right hand is high enough, and again maintain the tension between the hand and the elbow without over extension.