Notes for North American Practical Method Training Camp 2022 - Kelvin Ho

Day 3
Lock the opponent at the top, break the opponent middle using my kua. The opponent collapses down like a building demolition.

Face the opponent (chest to chest), my front kua touches his front kua, make my front kua go to the other side.

Lock the opponent's left shoulder with my left hand. Raise and twist the opponent's left hand up to a point that it is locked, aim the opponent’s left hand to the opponent’s right shoulder, don’t move my left kua, move my right kua/foot to behind the opponent, direct the opponent’s right shoulder to the floor.

Six Sealing Four Closing
Grab the opponent’s left hand with my left hand.
Put my right wrist on top of the opponent’s left upper arm.
Align my left hand, dot on my right hand, and opponent’s chest. Maintain this line while I rotate left.

Bie the opponent’s arm
I shouldn’t grab the opponent’s wrist or hand, I just use one finger on each side of the stick (arm), so that the opposite forces on the stick are very clear.

Day 4
Broadsword: Push the boat witht the water flow
Use the stick as the reference held across the chest. Shovel step up to the stick, extend the elbow upwards to the line between the hand and shoulder.

Anything else will take time away from taiji. We don’t have enough time to spare if we want to be good at taiji.

Elbow down is a concept, and this has to be true even when the elbow tip points sideways.

A straight line is the thinnest loop.

Yilu Correction
Double downward squeeze:
  • Hand out with no left-right movement of the torso.
Wild Horse Parts Its Mane:
  • Big body movement against the non-moving middle finger tip.
Punch covering hand to Small Catching and Hitting:
  • Stay on the same spot to exchange feet
Cannon at the Gate:
  • Need big movement
Half Horse Stance:
  • My rear knee elapses
Cloud Hands:
  • My rear elbow is too high
Jade Girl Shuttle:
  • Pull the opponent with the right hand, hit the opponent with the left hand.
  • The turn needs to use the waist, with the two hands caught by the opponents.
Learn to lock the top completely to bump people with the forearm against opponent’s chest.

If you can properly bump, then add the rotation with the forearm.

Sand in a tube training
Trains shaking power from the waist

Day 5
1) Four corner exercise
Must reach the four corners
When the hand is stuck to my left shoulder, rotate downwards to the right knee, then you can move the right hand to the opponent’s right shoulder.

2) Glide on the opponent’s arm and catch the opponent wrist with the thumb and middle finger.

3) Bring the opponent’s hand to my right kua, rotate the arm to expose the elbow tip upwards, and then place my left hand on the opponents upper hand just above the elbow.

4) Lock my left hand by placing the opponent’s left elbow on my body for support. Only my right hand/right kua to do the lever action on the opponent’s arm. My left hand is the pivot. There must be peng between my left hand and right hand.

5) When the opponent pushes my body, I can only move the rear foot, the front kua does not move. The body just goes down to compensate when the rear foot goes backwards.

Line up two dots, we must keep the relationship.
When they go away from each other, we need to train like with two bookshelves going away from each other.

A ball as a reference fixed point, and let another person push you without detaching from the fixed point.

When you fight, don’t fight purposely in a taiji way, only hope that your taiji skill will come out.

Straight arm
Shoulder going into the arm
Rotate and the hand has to go further

If the opponent pulls you, your kua needs to touch the opponent first.

Day 6
Shake the pole training
Catch training
Six Sealing Four Closing
Lock the two dots between the two hands, move the rear knee

Twisting the towel corrections
  • Maintain peng at all time
  • Make the energy go on the two sides of the arm
  • Let the opponent lock, shoot the middle of the chest to the left, rotate that rod
Fetch water correction
  • Find the two dots, get rid of everything in the middle
  • The primary move is the line between the front hand and the rear shoulder.
  • I had too much horizontal rotation.
Shoveling exercise

Dang - Left Knee to Ming Men to Right Knee
Yao Dang Zhuan Huan - Bevel Gear

Elbow in the hand exercise

Crack the middle exercise
Lock the two knees, only move the kuas

Releasing one end, meaning that part cannot disrupt the anchor. Throw a rope up the tree and hook it, then the other end is free.

Day 7
Create a lever with the opponent’s arm
My right hand is the pivot, my left hand is one end of the lever, and the opponent's shoulder is the other end.
Difficulty is that my pivot hand keeps moving. There is a dot at the root of my right hand that should bie with my left hand. In order to further catch the opponent’s other shoulder, my front kua needs to shoot towards that shoulder.

When I put my knee behind the opponent’s front thigh, I need to adjust the thigh without moving the knee, then with my hand touching the opponent's stomach, I need to stretch other parts without moving the hand.