Master Chen Zhonghua Online Lesson on July 1, 2022 - Kelvin Ho

Chinese Class

In Six Sealing Four Closing, there must be a stick that does not change direction between the two hands. In Practical Method, there are rotation and resolution. Rotation is not considered a move. Resolution is considered a move as it causes something to change position with respective to the ground. The result is 螺旋缠丝 luo xuan chan si.

This is moving a rotating saw to cut a piece of board. As the saw makes contact of the board, the rotation does not slow down, the saw blade does not change shape as someone pushes the saw through the board (or the board through the blade). The common problem is that we change shape or direction as we move.

English Class

In training, we must lock the whole body, and move one body part. Use a big stance in Brush Knee in Oblique Stance to lock the body up, and try to only push up the front (left) kua. Only in this kind of training, we can train to gain the power. Most people just train the useless moves, moves that make them feel good. The move we want to train is the one that we don't want to do, and it is one that seems impossible to do.

At the begining of the 2nd Flash the Back, I need to lock the front (right) hand and put the rear (left) shoulder into the same line with the front hand. Lock them, and try to open front (right) kua, lock the front kua, and move the rear (left) kua.

Before the jump after Flash the Back, I need to make the right kua bump into the left kua like newton balls, to cause the jump (no movement in the body).

After Punch Covering Hand, I need to shrink the distance between the right elbow and the right kua, in order to suck the right foot up to complete the turn.

In Single Whip, after the right hand and left foot stretch, I must rotate the left kua to get into the left half horse stance. I can't just move the left kua.