Notes for Toronto Workshop Jan. 22-23, 2011

  • 5 of 8 Features of Practical Method:
  1. Eye fixed on the target.
  2. Concave circle.
  3. In with elbow, out with hand.
  4. No dynamic power, only structure power.
  5. Half horse stand, one third, one third, one third
  • Get your body into a line.
  • Keep the invisible line of the triangle fixed.
  • Double Fixed, Single Fixed (bi-folding door)
  1. shoulder - double fixed, hand - single fixed; elbow opens, and hand goes out along the line.
  2. rear foot - doubled fixed, hand - single fixed; shoulder gets into the line formed by rear foot and hand, hand goes out along the line.
  • Train yourself to become a machine that simply repeats the same movement. No emotion. Stone faced.
  • Stay on the wall with hand out in negative circle. The shoulder rotates down, and it will eventually push the hand up the wall up from the thigh.
  • Do what are told only. People tend to do whatever they want until they are told not to. That is a bad habit.
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